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 Advertising/Affiliation Rules

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PostSubject: Advertising/Affiliation Rules   Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:18 pm

Advertising Rules:

Hello and welcome to GOABW.  This area is completely guest friendly so feel free to post your ad's or affiliate with us. But before you go any further we ask that you read over these rules first.


1.  When advertising on our site we ask that your site be guest friendly as well and not require login information. If your site isn't guest friendly we will alert the staff on the site and ask them to fix it, if we are unable to post in two days time we have the right to remove your ad.

2.  When advertising on our site we ask that you don't post external links that will lead anyone who clicks on it to any inappropriate sites, sites that sell products, or anything that doesn't involve roleplaying. If we find that you have the ad will be removed and the ip address will be banned.

3.  When advertising here we ask that you only post your ad once, if you post multiple times we will do the same.

4. Please post in the correct spots, meaning if we have linked to you first post in 'Howl back' and if we haven't posted post in 'First Howl"

Affiliation Rules:

1. We ask that if you are affiliating with our site that you put our button up first and tell us where it is located on your site.

2. Your button must be 88x31, no bigger and no smaller.

3. Your button must lead us to your site and no where else.

4.  Your site must remain active, if it falls inactive we have the right to remove the button from our site.

5.  We have the right to remove the button if you fail to follow any of our rules.

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Advertising/Affiliation Rules
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