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 Cetra, the unforgettable

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PostSubject: Cetra, the unforgettable   Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:30 pm


3 Years old


She is a lethal fae, on that keeps her emotions bottled up till her breaking point where she explodes and lashes out with bitter words or sharp skin piercing fangs. Her attitude sometimes gets the best of her. Though she does occasionally have a sweet side to her when she's not defending her heritage against those who criticize her for being a 'mutt'. 

..:Breed of Wolf:..
She's a Shiloh Shepherd Wolf Mix but is more dog than she is wolf. 

Inferno Moon 

Doesn't care. Whatever you see fit for this miraculous she-wolf mix.

The she is a long pelted being with long legs that are great for running. She has a long fluffy tail that is great for acting like a rudder when she's at top speed and needs to turn quickly. Cetra's fur is long and thick which helps to keep her warm during the cold winter months but pretty warm in the hotter weather. Her fur is plush, soft to the touch and it's one of Cetra's prize possessions. Her large round eyes are a bright gorgeous amber color.

..:Fur texture:..
 Her fur texture is soft and very thick.

..:Eye Color:..
 Bright Amber 

Cetra never had a very good pup-hood, never had a very good adolescent life and she's determined to make her adult life much better than her past situations. She's always been an aggressive dog. Maybe it was because of her heritage. Maybe it was just who she was. She didn't really know but this caused a lot of problems for the female that was until she came across Inferno Moon Pack. A pack of cold hearted beings that were a lot like her in a way. Never wanting much to do with others. Starting fights quite often and causing blood shed. She tries to stay on her leaders good side but the she has a tendency to push buttons.

Her mothers name was Seren, her fathers name was Doaks. She has two siblings. A brother and a sister. Her sisters name was Simply and her brothers name was Tren. Cetra doesn't have a mate nor does she have any offspring.

..:Theme Song:..
..:Secret Code:..

Rune has been here:walka: 

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PostSubject: Re: Cetra, the unforgettable   Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:58 pm

You have been approved and are free to roam the world!
Can't wait to roleplay with you♥️
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Cetra, the unforgettable
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