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 Demon & Angel Breeds | w.i.p

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PostSubject: Demon & Angel Breeds | w.i.p   Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:07 pm

These are the "breeds" of angels and demons most are rare but a few can be seen almost anywhere.  Please keep in mind that these breeds can occur in any sub-species or species of wolf. It is not a type of wolf and is a type of angels and demons. However some wolves have no species and are simply a demon wolf or angel wolves. Breeds can usually be distinguished from other breeds, others are so hard you will need to look into the D.N.A.  


Light Angels-
These wolves are pure good, it is unheard of one of these wolves having a evil or bad thought. If two light angels have a pup these pups are considered "pure breed" and are usually born with small wings or they start to develop little nubs that will then progress and turn into wings. These wings can developed inside the mother or just a few hours after birth. The wings will not be flyable until the pup's soft downy feathers shed and give way to adult flight feathers which usually begins at the age of one. These angels can sometimes manipulate light and/or help plants/trees heal from death and recover the plants. Most see flowers and grass sprout up and grow to its full size(usually small/short flowers and grass) once the paws of this wolf lifts from the ground, the further away the light angel gets the more the flowers/plants will grow.

Available; 5
Credits: 100

Fallen Angel-
an angel that has committed crimes against the heavens but was never caught to be stripped of their wings. These wolves usually have black wings to warn the other angels of it's crimes.

  1. Black Wings-
    These wolves are Fallen angels however their feathers and/or wing skin are starting to fall out. Sometimes the wings get so bad that the wolves cannot fly with them. These wolves are considered more angel than demon, but the process has started and will never finish its self.

(With help of the one and only Gazidan)
Available; 50
Credits: 150

Elemental Angels-
These angels can control the elements however usually only one element is controlled by a elemental angel. All common elements begin to be tested as young as 1 month then wolf usually finds one element easy to control and the others more difficult, those difficult elements will soon fade away from the young wolf's control and only one element is left for it. This usually happens when the wolf turns 3 months of age. Some pups try to control one of the difficult(for him/her) but this will only cause the wolf to be dangerous to be around, as the wolf will never truly be able to control the element it chose over it's destined element. However there is no way for the pup to regain it's lost elements and will be stuck with the one it fought so hard for. However, this usually isn't a problem since most often use their destined element the most and grow quiet found of it. A wolf can gain many controls of it's element depending on it's age and how much it has trained with it's element. Some may even gain new controls over other things such as lava(very difficult to gain) from fire angels or inferno Angels. (Click here to view what you qualify for in a element. Link not up yet)

  1. Inferno Angels-
    Born with the destined element of fire, or perhaps fought hard to keep this beloved element? These wolves have many different stages of control and can gain certain controls or add to their power. An impressive thing to see is an Inferno angel in flight, even if the wolf shows no flames, most of the time if the angel is flying fast you will see the heat following behind. Sometimes when these wolves anger heat waves can be sent your way and the blur of the heat can be seen radiating from its coat.

  2. Splash Or Water Angels-
    These wolves have the element of water. Impressive things can be done if ice is gained for these wolves. All wolves here start out with the basic liquid form of water and can gain many new things, like most other elementals. These angels can do many things in water if a higher stage of the element is achieved, one cool thing is ice wings(sharp to the touch). That is if the wolf gains ice, these wolves can easily dissolve into the water making for stealthy attacks if they gain this which it usually is.

  3. Air Angels-
    These angels can easily be the fastest, the first thing they start to learn is how to manipulate the air, these angles can easily fly without wings. The next thing they learn is wind, followed by other things. Something cool these wolves can do is levitate and slice trees(and other things including animals) with nothing but the wind.

  4. Loam/Sod/Ground/Earth Angels-
    These wolves are quite unique, most can grow plants from an early age and speed up it's aging to make it grow quicker, however light angels may assist to make the tree more healthy. However something cool these earth elementals can do is shoot up a certain part of the earth, throw boulders, and create a thick thicket of thorns and vines to protect one'self as well as create a thick mud or clay barrier, which can often be concert hard.

More elements coming soon.

Available: Infinity
Credits: 50


Dark Lights-
This is the very rare result of a light angel going dark. It is said that once they think of something bad/evil it will start to prey on them every day. Which turns them mentally insane and very aggressive, leaving these wolves pack-less and irritable. They usually attack any wolf who annoys them or if they just don't like the wolf even if they don't know them. Some of these wolves are uncontrollable! This is a warning do not try and talk to one of these wolves most of them don't want to talk but rip you apart and wear your fur.

Available; 3
Credits: 200

Fire Demon-
A demon given special powers by satan himself, they can conjure up flames only at night. Some of these wolves run mad as the pain of the flames on some of these wolves burn its victim.
(Made by Gazidan edited a little by me)

Available: Infinity
Credits: 50

Winged Demon-
A demon with wings, these wings are, however, not as appealing as an angel's wings. Most of these demons have bat-like skin wings. Rarely one will be seen with a scale like dragon wings, these dragon winged demons usually are attracted to fire.
(Made by Gazidan and words added by me)

Available: Infinity
Credits: Free (50 for dragon scale or any type of other wing, no feathered wings available)

Elemental demon soon to come!
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Demon & Angel Breeds | w.i.p
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