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 Yaine of Difference

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PostSubject: Yaine of Difference   Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:07 pm


She is there, but fading fast. It is a slightly graceful name as well, but it also is not very strong.

(this is not a greek meaning, it just means what I want it to mean)

2 years maybe 5 months




He is very good with appearances, often being able to appear confident or strong when he is not. Sometimes he forgets though to look at things other than those, and judges others simply by how they appear. He is very judgmental, but still kind sometimes to others even if he thinks they are dumb. He himself can have very selfish thoughts and it is always a battle for him to decide whether he wants to give into them or not. In his heart he is neither good nor bad, but lost. He does not know who he is under the appearances he puts up, and has not completely fooled himself. Sometimes he hears the voices from all the personalities he has acted and it scares him most of all. He is not mad, but he is not entirely sane when he hears these voices. They only appear sometimes though, and mostly when he does not want them.

..:Breed of Wolf:..
Grey Wolf; he has not yet tipped to either demon or Angel.


Inferno Moon
(this may change, he may become a demon rogue, but for now)


(do not apply for high ranks)


He is grey and muscular wolf. This means he is not very agile. He has some light blue streaks in his solid dark grey fur that make him stand out. He has few scars that show through his pelt. Although he does have a scrape on his left side, a scar on his right shoulder, and a nick on his nail.His eyes are a dark blue, and he is generally seen as a medium length fur.

..:Fur texture:..
coarse, and it is rough to the touch. On the inner layer though of course it is grey and smoother.

..:Eye Color:..

Dark Blue


He was born into a place far away, and he lived among a very small pack of his litter, parents, an elder, and a beta. His pack usually left the elder in charge of watching the pups while the others hunted to make sure they were well provided for. This being said they rarely went hungry or wanted for anything. They were not spoiled, but they lived an easy life even if the territory was not the best.When he and his siblings came of age they began to follow on the hunts and help test the animals. As time grey they learned how to kill, but they did not learn how to fight. Their father and the beta were great fighters along with his mother, but they did not want to train them in that too extensively. He learned the basics. Irritated he and his siblings play fought much of the time. But once it ended badly and he gave his brother a torn throat that led to death. He blamed himself and left the pack. Wandering around he began to develop his personality. Though he liked pack life, so he joined a group of dispersal males, and they being a rough bunch taught him how to fight and they had a decent time. Then the others began to find their mates. He wandered onto this land and that's how he got here.


mother, Karkaisfather, Tantarisiblings, Lillis (sister), Hasine (brother dead), Kislne (brother)mate, none yetpups none yet.

..:Theme Song:..
Servant Of Evil

..: :walka: Code was gobbled up[/color][/color]
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PostSubject: Re: Yaine of Difference   Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:23 pm


You are approved and can now begin RPing.
Welcome to the site! c:

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PostSubject: Re: Yaine of Difference   Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:35 pm

Welcome to the site, Yaine. C;
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PostSubject: Re: Yaine of Difference   

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Yaine of Difference
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