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 Airdelle the Brave

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PostSubject: Airdelle the Brave    Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:22 pm



This name means angel.

..: 3 years :..


Airdelle is a loyal, clever, sensible, and fearless wolf with a fierce heart. She will not betray anyone unless she has a good reason and she is willing to protect her pack members with her life. The she wolf is very good at finding solutions to problems and using common sense. Airdelle is very responsible and reasonable--she can handle jobs well and she will fight for what's right. Everything she does have a good reason behind it. This she wolf is very brave and bold. She is not afraid to do dangerous jobs--don't be surprised if she does something that nobody else would do. Overall, the wolf is wise and even-tempered, but if push to the edge, the fire bursts through her body like flame. The good thing is that her bad mood doesn't last for long.

~Sensibility ~ Oder~ Peace~ Bravery~ Power~ Family~ Pups~ Goodness~ Respect~ Improvement~ Determination~ Compassion~ Passion~ Diligence~ Smartness~ Honesty~ Intensity~ Patience~ Pride~ Reason~ Confidence~ Wisdom~ Neatness~

~Bad attitude~ Arrogance~ Rudeness~ Idiots~ Evil~ Enemies~ Recklessness~ Cowards~ Lack of ambition~ Too much softness~ Lies~ Ignorance~ Jealousy~ Stubbornness~ Ungratefulness~ Nastiness~ Anger~

..:Breed of Wolf:..
Gray wolf

Airdelle will start off as a loner, and will join Starlit Shadows later.

Airdelle will be an Actaeon when she joins.


Airdelle is a beautiful cream she wolf with darker fur on her back and tail. Her thick and sleek fur is medium to short in length in the warm seasons and long in the cold seasons. Long, thick fur surrounding her neck makes her look like she has a mane and her tail fur is luxurious. She has a muscled, slender body with broad shoulders. Her legs are long, giving her a graceful build. The she wolf almost looks like the lion version of a wolf.

..:Fur texture:..
Thick and sleek

..:Eye Color:..

|Optional image|

Airdelle was born a loner with no siblings in a forest far away from the two rival pack territories. Her mother (Fawn) was a single parent because her mate had left her mysteriously during hard times. Together, they learned how to fight (especially) and hunt for survival. The young she wolf preferred hunting than fighting and often got irritated when she didn't beat her mother in mock battles. Understanding her flaws in fighting, Fawn focused on teaching her daughter how to fight rather than hunt from now on since it was very important at the time. Slowly, the wolf got better and better. Later on in the season, Fawn died from a battle wound from a fight between a gang of evil rouges. Thinking that she failed her mother, Airdelle blamed herself and wouldn't ever speak of her mother. She often practiced her fighting moves with imaginary rivals to increase her battle skill. For months and months, the yearling did everything for herself with no help and learned life lessons alone. She is still lonely and is searching for a pack to live her life with the wolves she would die for.

Fawn (mother),Unknown (father),None (siblings), None (mate), None (pups).

..:Theme Song:..
Unconditionally~ Katy Perry
..:Secret Code:..

Password Found-
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PostSubject: Re: Airdelle the Brave    Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:02 pm


You are approved and can begin RPing.
Welcome to the site!!

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PostSubject: Re: Airdelle the Brave    Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:40 pm

Awesome character!
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PostSubject: Re: Airdelle the Brave    

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Airdelle the Brave
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