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 Lilian`s Biography

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PostSubject: Lilian`s Biography   Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:06 am

: Lilian.
☠Nicknames☠: Lil, Lian, Ilian.
☠Age☠: 2 years and 1 month.
☠Gender☠: Female. ♀
☠Sexual Orientation☠: Straight.

Lilian is a australian cattle dog mixed with siberian husky breed. She has a thin coat that
is composed of four simple colors. These colors being Darkl black, a caramel/beige, light
grey and a bit of white as well. Though her coat is mostly composed of grey and black. A
few scars appear to be found on the she dog`s body, yet some have heal while others
are beneat her coat. The only scars quite noticeable are the three on the side of her
muzzle, they are not completely healed up yet and are quite large. Lilian has small pale
blue eyes, just like her father, though sometimes they get a little dark during winter, but
not always. Her body is slim and skinny, making her not be so great at fighting. She is
rather a little smaller than average.

A few years ago, a she dog gave birth to one single pup. This pup being Lilian. Lilian didn`t quite enjoy being a lonely pup, but in the other hand she did. Lilian was able to have all the attention she wished from her parents and they would show a lot of affection towards her, which Lilian highly loved. Her parents were perfect, her life was perfect. If ony it had stayed this way... But one morning, Lilian who was still quite young awoke, her parents not being found anywhere in the den. It was the first time that this had happened, it was rather strange to Lilian. Seeking out of then den to search for her parents, the small Australian Cattle dog made her way, slowly. It was still a little dark outside and it was quite silent which was rather creepy to Lilian. Small drops of blood were found on the ground, so the pup followed the blood spots, until finally she arrived at the destination. Lilian stopped approaching, feeling rather heart broken and traumatizied by what she was seeing. There laid her parents on the ground, half thorn apart. Who could have done such a thing? She had no clue. Lilian dropped down to the ground, many tears rolling down her cheeks. She had trouble understanding how someone could of wanted to do harm to her parents, to her. They were a perfect little family, but now this little perfect family didn`t exist anymore. She was the only one left. She spent many hours there, until foot steps could be heard. Obviously the pup had no idea about the danger that could be found in the forest. A tall human appeared, a ash remaining in his left hand, while his other hand was empty. Was he going to kill her? She didn`t know, but she didn`t care if it was the end for her. She would actually be glad not suffer any further pain than she was already. To her surprise, the human just picked her up bringing her somewhere far away from her parents. Unsure if this human was trying to help her or not, Lilian didn`t try to run away at all as she thought this human just came to rescue her, but it obviously wasn`t the case. The two reached a small wooden house. As they entered the house and went down into the basement, many animal cages with animals inside were found and so were some tools covered in blood. Lilian`s ears were laid against her cranium as she glanced at the otehrs before finally being thrown violently into a cage. Trying to get out of the cage, the human closed it quickly, before she could even manage to get out. What was going to happen? Was she going to die in this cage? Most likely. As days went by, Lilian was given little food and would be tortured. Many scars were found all over her body. It`s awful how the wind can simply turn around...but seeing how she`s now in a cage, Lilian knew perfectly well things were only going to get worst. Will she ever be happy again? Probably not. She lost all of her joy...a big piece of her heart as well. Not but her half dead body was left. Why couldn`t they just finish her off so the pain could finally take end. Day by day, some animals would get killed infront of her. She had the opportunity to be assiting to this terrible scene. Humans were cruel. They were turning her into an evil monster, just like them. One day, a man came down to give a small piece of carot to Lilian, but as he opened the cage, Lilian took this opportunity to escape. Biting the human`s hand hard, he jumped and backed away quickly, leaving Lilian escape. The pup ran quickly upstairs and luckily the door was wide open. Although Lilian felt the urge to help the others escape, she knew she wouldn`t manage, so she had no choice to simply run away on her own. The small pup ran quickly through the woods, far away from this wooden house. Lilian stopped running once she fell to the ground, unable to breath. Taking large breaths, Lilian ended up falling asleep, in the middle of nowhere. The bright light shined in her face, making her awake. The female was now all alone again. In the middle of nowhere, in a place she had never been before. Lilian walked around her pale blue eyes scanning cautiously this time. It took her several hours before reaching a small territory, with few wolves that occupied it. To Lilian`s surprised they greeted her with joy, but soon enough this joy turned into evilness. After a few days they weren`t as nice as they were in the first place. Though Lilian did meet someone who she considered as her best friend. Mila. Mila was a rather shy wolf that was way too nice, yet that`s what Lilian liked about the she wolf. The two would often hang out together, until the pack itself went against Lilian. They refused to let a dog hang around the territory anymore as they suspected her to be a human`s companion. It was a terrible judgement as Lilian despised humans. Never would she team up with such creatures, yet trust didn`t seem to be taking place. Lilian left the territory, before being ripped off apart, far from her so what best friend. Although they weren`t interacting anymore, Mila would always stay Lilian`s best friend...no matter what. As days went by, Lilian found herself once again alone. She never understood why she had all these bad lucks. What had she done? Was it all her fault? Somehow Lilian started to blame herself for her parent`s death. She may have asked for too much, which is why she`s paying...if only she could fix things...but it`s impossible. What is done is done...Now Lilian is wandering around the woods, trying to find someone who would actually appreciate her company...and a place were she can rest in peace.

Unlike most wolves, Lilian is one with a harsh past, yet the dog managed getting through, remaining a neutral wolf. Lilian is a very kind and approachable female, yet she has those moments where she may be angry like every other living being. When someone is rude or impolite, Lilian won`t hesitate making sarcastic comments or be rude as well, though that`s soemthing rare that most likely won`t happen. She`s usually always smiling and joyful, may also be hyper as well at times.

☠Mother☠: Kamy➟Deceased.
☠Siblings☠: None➟Never was born.




Opening up

☠Likes☠: Noting.

☠Dislikes☠: Everything.


☠Crush☠: None.



This is Kas Kas o3o
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PostSubject: Re: Lilian`s Biography   Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:05 am

Oh my! Awesome bio! I can't wait to meet you in the rp. *acts extroverted*
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PostSubject: Re: Lilian`s Biography   Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lilian`s Biography   

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Lilian`s Biography
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