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 The Meaning (Open)

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PostSubject: The Meaning (Open)   Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:53 pm

The time of day was early morning, the earth had grown silent since the previous event, now the creature was pack less, a demon with no home, still groveling over those events of the weak demon leader, the creature felt a smirk cross his lips, his nose flaring as his icy eyes scanned the horizon. -So much for the mighty demons, accepting angels as friends.- He thought continuing his walk into rogue lands, he was still contemplating on what he would do, his silver fur lifted and fell with each breeze that blew.

Ghost stopped and saw a squirrel squashed by a limb and felt a sadness fill his heart, causing it to beat a bit slower, he approached the creature that was injured beyond repair and shook his head. His eyes looked up and down this defenseless pathetic creature. How could something so small impact his heart so massively? Answers to questions that wouldn't be answered and were beyond his understanding, normally he would just kill the animal and be done, but not today. Remorse and guilt filled his head but were soon replaced with envy, what would've happen if the creature hadn't been crushed; would it have gone to its home.. Or been captured by another predator and mercilessly ripped to shreds?  Did the tiny thing have a family? Was it searching? These are the things the silver brute thought about

Yet one thing was clear, even if the creature had not been crushed it would've met the same fate it would when it grew to old for its body to keep up. Ghost sat there, silent un-assure of whether he should walk away or kill it.

"Mne zhal' tovarishcha, vasha zhizn' kazhetsya takoy korotkiy .... Takim obrazom, nezavisimo i vse zhe ya veryu, chto vy dolzhny byli bol'she. ya budet konets stradaniya, bol', kotoruyu vy chuvstvuyete, bystro zakonchitsya, ya obeshchayu." He barked in his Russian accent. He leaned down and touched his forehead to the creatures as if to reassure it, yet it only twitched and squeaked a blood gurgling squeak. Ghost was taken aback and placed his paw just behind the squirrels neck and closed his eyes looking away as he pressed down hard feeling a "Pop" He knew it was over

Ghost picked up the creatures body and set it in the water, watching it drift away and eventually sink. There were no words to be said, nothing could've been done....nothing.... Funny how that repeated in his mind each time he blinked. Had he truly done the right thing? Was it really for the best? Well he would only hope so. He felt his chest rising and falling with the expansion and deflation of his lungs... Why be self conscious about this? What importance to the matter at hand was there to all this? Oh well... He would stay there for awhile.


1:I'm sorry comrade, your life seems so short.... so Irrelevant and yet I believe you were meant for more. i will end your suffering, the pain you feel will end quickly, I promise.
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PostSubject: Re: The Meaning (Open)   Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:10 pm

At one end of the water, she saw a creature float down. Backing up, she noticed a trail of blood flowing after it. Fresh huh? What idiot tosses their dinner down the stream? She mumbled, picking up her pace. Her paws trailed in the water at her side, making them wet and slush through the banks. She stopped when she saw the familiar silver fur.It could be him, then again, it could just be any random silver furred fool, she thought. Retracing her steps back, and tossing herself in the air, she flew to the other side of where she had been to get a look at the eyes. Only that would give away who the brute was.

Landing gently in a tree, and peering closely at the male's face, she saw the blue eyes. Pulling herself back, she braced herself and floated down behind him.

Well well, lookie at what we have here. She said in a teasing voice.
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The Meaning (Open)
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