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 Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)

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PostSubject: Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)   Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:17 pm

"Those wolves. I enjoy the company. But, I am the loner I should be. But, for once, I do not know who I am. It is a matter of time when I do find out. But, I don't want them judging me. I know I have some ugly scars, but my morals are as true as gold!" Her voice that took place inside her head did not last long. On her way to find something to complete this broken half of hers. A friend she might say. Her life always meant fighting and killing. Her wounds tell a story of her friends not acting as friends. She may even hold a darker truth that she prefers to blame it is all her fault. Besides the point, she strives to believe she is genuine. Some say she is cold and heartless. Broken down from emotions, and just emotionally drained. Though, she wants to try but how? She is not sure.

"I am here. Love ain't a word in my vocabulary.  Come out anyone! I am not scared of you!"

Actually, she really was scared. She was scared of trying. They say she is reserved, and cold hearted. Ready to destroy anything in her path. But, she just needs an outlet to let out all the built up anger.

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PostSubject: Re: Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)   Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:34 pm

Yaine wandered the forest until he heard a voice. And he was fairly sure this one was not in his head as it was a challenge. Growling, what was a wolf doing on a border asking for a fight; literally? He rushed there immediately; intent upon seeing the female wolf standing there. He sighed, a rogue though. He stared at her, not wanting to sit down, as he wasn't sure if she was going to attack him or not. Then he realized he should probably respond 'yes I'm so stupid' I know I know he thought before catching himself. He was not responding. Not on his sanity. Truthfully. Narrowing his eyes at the rogue he said "My name's Yaine, not anyone." He had nothing else to say 'way to go smart aleck' 'well she is on my pack, she could be a threat' sighing, he wished they would shut up and give him a break already. It was annoying, and driving him to the brink of insanity. At least he wasn't at the point of calling out into the forest for a wolf to come along and fight him. He apraised the female looking for any signs of madness, but he could not be sure. He wondered what she was doing here though, close to the border.
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PostSubject: Re: Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)   Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:03 pm

Alas, somebody replied to her voice. This was a male, somebody who looked like a pack member. This made her realized where she was in this world. The worst part was that this was not her land. It was stupid of her not to realize that. But, here she was, facing a bigger male who appeared angry. With a stern voice, she began to spoke. "I have come to join your pack, sir."

The female bowed in respect in that this is their territory. When she returned back up, her lime green eyes met his sharp electric blue eyes. The smallest wag of her tail began to happen. Hoping her respect was answered, she stared him down curiously.

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PostSubject: Re: Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)   Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:41 pm

Instantly the female's demeanor changed, and Yaine narrowed his eyes. 'be careful none of them can be trusted' he wondered if he should adopt that personality here. It seemed fitting enough if he was a guardian of the pack. Still she had seemed to just realize that she was on the border. Shrugging his shoulders he responded "This is not my land, it is the border." Then remembering her request said "I'm not an alpha, I can't accept you. You would better ask Kasdeya or Rune." Sitting down he waited for the interesting female to respond. 'can't be trusted.' The voice spoke again, but he was intent upon being friendly for now at least. If after he thought her a threat he would have no problem testing her fighting ability.
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PostSubject: Re: Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)   

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Challenge me, I dare ya. (Open)
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