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 Soul (Up for adoption)

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PostSubject: Soul (Up for adoption)   Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:41 pm

(This character is for whoever wants to roleplay her)

Venomous Soul


2 years


Soul is like a devil in disguise: upon first glance she looks sweet and kind, someone you can trust and let your guard down around. However, looks are deceiving. She won’t hesitate to stab you in the back to get what she desires. She is manipulative and can lie with practiced ease. She finds killing distasteful, so that is one thing that she isn’t; a murderer. She doesn’t trust others, but she acts as if she does. She is very intelligent, for to be as clever and manipulative as she is it takes a certain level of intelligence.

..:Breed of Wolf:..
Grey Wolf [Garm]



Soul looks an awful like her Mother, but she does share some of her Father’s looks. Soul is larger than the average female. Just a bit smaller than the average male, making her a size somewhere in between. She is very slim with long limbs and small paws. From a play fight when she was a pup, she has a large, ugly scar that stretches across her left shoulder, across her side, and down her left hip and leg. Because of the injury, she has a limp in her back left leg. Soul’s fur is short and soft like silk, and is a light grey in color. Her eyes are a pale silver in color.

..:Fur texture:..
Short and soft like silk.

..:Eye Color:..

Will be posted later


..:Theme Song:..
Don’t you dare forget the sun by Get Scared
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Soul (Up for adoption)
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