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 It's a mad world

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PostSubject: It's a mad world   Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:53 pm

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Abandon walked along the river's edge, moving slowly, eyes scanning his surroundings. He was new to the territory, and hadn't been much places. Nor met many other canines. Not that he cared, really. He preferred to be alone, most of the time. He only joined packs for the benefit they brought him. Abandon stopped walking, growing bored of the sights around him. Dried plants and dead things, all around. Nothing new to him. He settled down along the river's edge, paws crossing, Talon's leather collar rubbing on his leg in a familiar, comforting way. He stared down at his reflection, head cocked. Studying his features in the flowing water before he turned away, resting his head on his paws.

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Table by Kasdeya

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It's a mad world
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