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 The Kingdoms of Shang-Helios: Written by Ghost

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PostSubject: The Kingdoms of Shang-Helios: Written by Ghost   Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:08 pm

Just a disclaimer/Warning:This is my story, it came from my head and has been developing since I was little. This story is a mature rated story and contains graphic content.Please enjoy and I'll have a feedback section after I type the first few chapters so y'all can tell me what you think also feel free to express feelings about your favorite characters or un favorite XD Smile


It was a rainy night the air was filled with yells and screams as the kingdom leaders sat around a table arguing. It was as if the gods themselves were pitching fits"What the hell is going to be done about this, it is a matter that must be the top priority!" A mans voice rang up the rest that caused the others to silence.

Jax stepped forward he was a dark skinned man, with a lethal battle axe strapped to his side. "Now fellow leaders, we are here to discuss an urgent matter. The dark prince has escaped from his prison in the pits of torture. Now no one knows where he is, that's why I urge am alliance is formed to combat him while he's still weak!" He growled his eyes flashing from brown to orange.

That's when a beautiful woman stood up, she had bright blonde hair, with greenest eyes there ever was, wearing a white dress she shook her head. "Nah, we have no reason to fear that demon! He's weak and I for one will not stand for this rise in anarchy, Ravar has always been a peaceful kingdom and so it shall remain, maybe He will be up for terms of peace?" She said and looked about the room her hands close on her bow.

After she finished speaking a second man stood"My fellow kings and queens." He started and then stopped and his blue eyes narrowed at the thought of the dark prince laying waster to his kingdom. He shook his head and his dark black long hair shook furiously, as did the long sword strapped to his hip, he was short but his temper was big"I agree with both of you in the fact that we don't have to fear this demon god, for we raise our armies their is nothing he will be able to do but surrender, so I say yes to the alliance!" He said and was about to speak again when the doors flung open and three honor guards fell in dead covering the floor in a crimson red.

The man that walked in stepping over the dead bodies, sheathing two short swords on his back, the room filled with silence as his silver eyes flashed with arcs of lightning"Ahh these three weren't much of a match, I would of thought that after being held for two hundred years they would've gotten....better. He said and stepped into the light. He was decked in a light weight black armor, he looked to be 6'3 and the three estimated he weighted about 185 pounds. His lower back had eight small throwing daggers lined up. He stood there and pulled out two of those blades and spun them in his hands chuckling, his short, but thick brown hair blew around as the breeze and he fluttered"Ahh doesn't the cold feel amazing Sasha?" He asked looking at the woman"I mean after all you are ice, but I bet you big battle axe Jax will light a fire under that dress huh?" He asked with a slight smirk. Then he looked at the man with the longs word and smiled placing both hands on the table.

"Oh look Max you haven't changed a bit, small man with a big blade, bet your wind still is like a breeze." He whispered and waited

"Dragovich!" They all three said eyes widened and stunned here was the Demon prince and they could do nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kingdoms of Shang-Helios: Written by Ghost   Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:53 am


It had been a grueling morning, so many things to be done but so little time, the queen often wished she had more politicians other times she hated them. Sasha's golden hair bellowed down past her shoulders, her bow rested upon her back by a then lair of ice, her green eyes out looked her beautiful city of Ravar. Here she was the boss of ice warriors, and they were the elite of the elite. She watched young children spar down below. "Adjust your postures and tighten your movements!" She called down her almost British accent in full bellow this morning.

Sasha sighed as the kids attempted to do what she said, but she ended up walking back into her castle, she need to bathe for,she felt dirty after last nights sleep. So with each step she remove an article of clothing, first she took of the ice crown that test atop her hair and it melted and disappeared. Slipping the white straps of her white dress of her shoulders, as it fell to the ground revealing her surprisingly tan body, her breast just barely gave a bounce as she climbed into her tub, the cold water caused her nipples to harden. Yet Sasha didn't mind because she loved the freezing water, it eased her mind.

There she sat washing her complete body, just as the door open she waved her hands and an ice wall covered her and made her figure blurry from the other side.

"Sorry to disturb you my queen but the council wishes to hold a meeting, they are awaiting your arrival." A male voice echoed in the room, ah that voice was Dakota's she thought and gave shy grin. Even though she hated to admit Dakota was her lover, well a fantasy lover, but she wasn't going to tell.

She stood up and peeked around the corner to see his blue eyes staring into hers"Why so early, can they not respect I have other things to attend to then deal with their worries?" She asked and put back on her clothes.  She noticed Dakota staring at her and couldn't help but turn red in her cheeks, she was a dominate woman but yet Dakota knew how she ticked.  

She gave a bold grunt and nodded"Very well tell those lazy asses I'm on my way." She said and opened a drawer pulling out a new crown. Only she realized it was not needed. Her bright emerald green eyes flashed to a cold yellow, as she got on all fours and her features changed, she was now an elegant white wolf, who's fur was thick as she was wearing a jacket, now it was time to go and deal with idiots.

Sasha went to her window and nudged it open and looked back at her room and smiled, clean as a ice sculpture. Then leapt of the ledge and landed on the roof, using it as a speed slide down to the city's stone roads below. Her claws dug into the ice which had rested itself on her beautiful white roof and slid down. She gripped the edge near the bottom and pushed off with her hind legs as if to do a front walk over, only when she touched the ground she was in her human self again and she smirked. Transforming was always a turn on for her, she liked her secrets. Now she had a long journey ahead of her so of she set
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The Kingdoms of Shang-Helios: Written by Ghost
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