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 Walk of Hope

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PostSubject: Walk of Hope   Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:34 pm

~Airdelle padded slowly down the rogue lands with snow weighing down on her pelt. Her head was halfway down and her tail was lifted midway in the air. The condition of the she wolf was fair, but not the best. Spending a lot of time alone since her mother died, prey was harder to find where she hung out. Plus, her strength plummeted to the point that hunting larger prey had gotten harder. Slowly, the female wolf walked in mini circles, trying to find solutions to her problems. Suddenly, a hare popped up out of nowhere and hopped away forward when it spotted the wolf. Airdelle watched the hare for a few moments, wondering if she should waste more of her energy. Though something about it made her want to chase it.
The strong, cold wind pushed her fur back as she thought about her decision. You are cold, you are hungry, and you are tired. Go for it, now! A voice spoke in her ear and reminded her of the voice of Fawn, her beloved mother. Letting out a long sigh, Airdelle ran after the hare. As time flew by, the she wolf began to get tired as her legs felt like they were telling her to give up. Determination pushed her as she got closer to the hare. Then suddenly, a whiff of pack scent slapped her nose. The she wolf halted, and sniffed the scent. Oh, a scent marker! Briefly, she looked around for the mysterious rabbit. Darn it! I should've been faster! The pure mist hid the territory that lurked from the other side.
Airdelle blinked her eyes and stared at it in curiosity. What is this place? The she wolf was about to take a step past the border line until she heard the same voice. Don't be afraid, your destiny lies ahead of you. The cream she wolf tilted her head in confusion and sniffed the border line again. She paused and stared at the strange area with her burning amber gaze. Remembering her mother's words, she took a deep breath and placed one paw over the line. The she wolf looked around for any signs of danger. It was better to be cautious just in case the pack was aggressive to lone wolves. Slowly, she held her breath and took two steps past the border. Exhaling, Airdelle looked around before yelling, "Who's there?"~
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PostSubject: Re: Walk of Hope   Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:34 am

Marshmallow had been out and about, for a while now and decided that she would follow the borders and soon came across an unfamiliar scent. Soon a voice entered her auds and the wolf came into view. Seeing that the wolf crossed the border made her a bit angry but not truly, " What are you doing here?" She asked tilting her head slightly to the side. Her posture was easy and non-threatening, while her eyes blinked in a relaxing manner.
(Sorry was rushing so it's crap Dx )
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PostSubject: Re: Walk of Hope   Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:21 pm

(It's alright. x3 Thank you for that comment about Airdelle. Your wolf looks cute.)

Airdelle pricked her ears and allowed her eyes to land on a multi-colored she wolf. She scanned the wolf's body expressions and saw that it was relaxed but curious. It took the cream colored she wolf a while to find her words to explain herself. When she opened her mouth to draw breath in, the wind pushed her fur forward. Annoyed with her pointless silence, she snapped her jaw shut. It took her a second to remember that mostly white she wolf had asked her a question.

"I came here to join a pack,"
Airdelle started. "I was chasing a hare not too long ago and a pack scent touched my nose." The wolf stepped back behind the border and placed her nose on the scent marker. "My condition told me that I needed to be in a stable pack to help me to have a greater chance of surviving," Airdelle looked up at the she wolf before she lifted her head and stood taller. "So I came here to get someone's attention and you came." The cream she wolf stopped. That was the best way she could've explained at that point.
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PostSubject: Re: Walk of Hope   

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Walk of Hope
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