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 Abandon the Toxic

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PostSubject: Abandon the Toxic   Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:12 am

Toxic Ashes (He goes by Abandon, however.)


4 years





Abandon is a very secretive wolf. He doesn't like to tell others about his past, or tell others many things about himself. For this reason he doesn't talk much, but most of the words he does utter are sharp or sarcastic, and not at all pleasant. His soul is a corrupted thing, and he enjoys inflicting pain upon others both mentally and physically.

..:Breed of Wolf:..

Grey Wolf (Garm)


Inferno Moon




Abandon is a very large wolf with a lot of lean muscle packed under his coat, which makes him an intimidating sight for most. He has long legs, which makes running easy for him. His fur is short and surprisingly soft to the touch. The base color of his pelt is black, with bright neon green markings on his throat, chest, stomach, and under his tail. Abandon also has green on all four of his paws. His eyes are a dark green, a contrast to the neon green markings that go around his eyes and extend to his nose. He has a black leather collar wrapped around his right paw with a tag that says 'Talon'. It is the collar his mate used to wear before he died.

..:Fur texture:..

Abandon's fur is short, very soft and smooth.

..:Eye Color:..

A very vivid, dark green.


Abandon was born on a cold, bitter winters day in a litter of three, twos males and one female. His parents, or parents, seeing as it was only his mother left to care for them, was a cold female who showed little affection towards himself and his siblings. 

She named him Toxic Ashes, because of his neon green markings, his sister Venomous Soul because of her feisty and aggressive attitude, and his brother Weak Link for he was the runt and was sickly. Toxic's brother died a few weeks after birth, just after Toxic and his sister were beginning to walk. They didn't mourn their brother's death, and his Mother just threw his body outside the den to be eaten by scavengers. He grew faster and larger than his sister, giving him an advantage in play fights. 

His Mother, as cold and unaffectionate as she was, took a liking to Toxic's sister, treating her better than Toxic. She got the best food and was shown more affection than Toxic, making him jealous. He began to grow more violent in the play fights they had, until one day he injured his sister badly. His Mother was simply furious that he had hurt her favorite pup, and he went hungry that night. His Mother grabbed Venomous Soul during the night and left while he was sleeping, leaving him to die alone. He awoke alone, but never died. 

Taking on the name Abandon, he survived, eating whatever was available. When he was a year old, Abandon met another male wolf, named Talon. He had met the male in a hostile way, but Talon was nothing but sweet and kind, which made Abandon relax around him. He never had really been around someone so nice and caring. The male, Talon, was small and scrawny, with black fur and red markings similar to his. He also had a leather collar around his neck with a tag that had his name engraved upon it. 

He soon befriended the wolf and learned many new skills, like hunting, healing, and some fighting skills. Eventually they grew closer and became mates. When Abandon was a year and eight months he had his heart shattered. He was out hunting on a bright, cheerful morning when a howl of pain reached his ears. He rushed back to the den he and Talon shared, finding a large mountain lion covered in Talon's blood. 

Abandon attacked the mountain lion in a fit of pure rage, ripping the creature to shreds until it was scattered about leaving a bloody gory mess where it once stood whole. He found Talon dead, slashed to bits with his throat ripped out, collar resting a few feet away. Abandon didn't cry, and a feeling of numbness came over him. He took the collar and wrapped it around his right leg, then left. The grief struck him later, which turned into a feeling of emptiness where his heart should have been.

He continued roaming, everything darker and duller than before.


mother: Poinsoned Heart, Alivefather: Unknowsiblings: Venomous Soul, Sister, Alivemate: None at the momentPast mate(s): Talon, Deadpups: N/A

..:Theme Song:..

Secret by The Pierces

..:Secret Code:..
This user has found it-
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PostSubject: Re: Abandon the Toxic   Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:36 am

Awesome drawings! Very Happy (I think there's more to the passcode)
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PostSubject: Re: Abandon the Toxic   Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:20 am

Welcome to the site, Abandon, you may now begin role-playing! ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Abandon the Toxic   

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Abandon the Toxic
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